Advent of Empire

"Into the Dark"

Two of their members are gone, and our heroes’ hope diminishes. Even the recent wonders they have beheld, have done little to restore the team’s faith that somehow, good might prevail in the Galaxy. It does not stop them from trying!

Skye Tavdres has learned that her brother has been shipped to a spice mine on Kessel, where undesirable orphans from Coruscant are being forced to work as indentured laborers along with politically disagreeable aliens.

Vilfley’l Feth has introduced the disparate team of idealistic outlaws to a Corellian smuggler, Auntie Annie. Auntie is hard to work with, but Feth insists, honorable. She wants out of the smuggling business – maybe wants to move on to some other criminal enterprise. She will transport the team to the mine, whose shipments of spice she picks up regularly. In exchange for three kilos of glitterstim, she will even retrieve the heroes – and Skye’s brother – when she returns two weeks later.

It is up to the heroes to decide how to bide their time, who to save, and how to do it – but the Egghead Alien is making its way to Kessel.

The outlaw heroes all know, there is a good change of serious danger on this mission. None of them have a good feeling about it, least of all Kellin Soarr ..


The renegade heroes have been to the Tomb of the Unknown Jedi. After defacing the ancient monument in desperate hopes of uncovering lost Force relics, they faced the wrath of the tomb’s protectors. Even the spirit of the forgotten Jedi laid to rest there rejected the efforts of the misguided KelDor padawan who sought his secrets, and the heroes barely escaped by diving into the legendary “solid water” that surrounded the tomb. ARC-47 and Willard Paul were inadvertently left behind.

Teleported against all understanding to the bread-bowl planet of Merisee, the heroes made various acquaintances and friends – including Madra Mahana (matriarch of the Cult of Those Who Redeem), Jarren (a young teenaged pack-tracker developing his own sneaky knacks for getting ahead in the world), and Old Quag (a professional game hunter who taught Wild to use primitive slugthrowers).

Skye discovered with the help of a courier-informant and a young pack-tracker con artist that her sick brother had been shipped off with many other orphans to indentured servitude in the Spice Mines of Kessel!

After a botched assassination attempt by a novice apprentice of the Loag, the heroes decided to leave Merisee as quickly as possible.

Making their way back to Alumann, the team discovered Willard gone, and ARC-47 had returned to the ranks of the now-renamed Imperial Stormtroopers. In addition, Vilfley’l Feth had sold their ship (so he claimed) because he could no longer store it.

Striking a deal with Vilfley’l and a Corellian spice smuggler, the heroes prepared for their most daring (if desperate) gambit yet – infiltration of a spice mining facility to save Skye’s brother – and hopefully all the captive children!

Advent of Empire: Chapter Three

The heroes escaped the clone troopers who tried to arrest them at a rail station on Alumman, but in the process of their adventure they heard about protests happening at a doomed monument – the Tomb of the Unknown Jedi! Despite their other troubles, the team is determined to check out the tomb ..

Chapter Two Recap

In the safe house on Alumann, the heroes decided to trust each other for the time being. They shared strong doubts concerning the creation of the Empire, as well as about the dreadful “Order 66”.

When Tavdres and Paul accessed subspace to contact an old contact at the newly renamed Imperial Academy, their efforts to hide their trail tripped military-intelligence “flags” and they were cornered by clone troopers at a rail station trying to get back to the safe house.

Fortunately, they managed a brief call for help and the other heroes arrived in time to help defeat most of the clone troopers. This public firefight involved one of the heroes using a lightsaber to defend himself – something the local holonews and authorities have taken notice of.

Hank was able to reason with an old friend, a Clone Commander named Frank who took had even taken a rhyming name to honor Hank in the past. After a tense exchange, Frank ageed to let the heroes go – for now .. right before he was stunned!

The heroes escaped, but in the process of their adventure they heard about protests happening at a doomed monument – the Tomb of the Unknown Jedi! Despite their other troubles, the team is determined to check out the tomb ..

Advent of Empire: Chapter Two

The heroes are hiding out in a Bothan safe house on the planet Alumman. How convenient, as many of their stories began here. Perhaps they might save their careers with the military, since hardly any are known to have taken part in the mission. Maybe they can help their family and friends. And, what will the alien Jedi do?? What about the orphan boy whose world their doomed mission turned upside down?

Chapter One Recap


Willard Paul, GAR Flight Officer
Skye Tavdres, GAR Aerospace Engineer
Kellin Soarr, Jedi Padawan to Jan Daxar
Alpha-ARC-73 aka “Hank”
“Wild”, the Kid


Aboard their F-DAT gunship, the heroes defeated a wing of vulture droids as they descended from the blue-green cloud cover over the snow planet Jotun.

They made their way from the landing zone to the Separatist Relay Outpost, which they were ordered to infiltrate and hack into.

On the outskirts they discovered a boy who called himself “Wild”, and had a rabbit-like pet called Mr. Cuddles. The boy apparently belonged to a woman who worked at the facility, and he led the heroes to a dead-end outcropping where he wanted to play with them.

The heroes climbed up from the ledge, where they got into a fire fight with B1 battle droids. Defeating the droids, the heroes took cover within an outlying storage building. There they used stored medical supplies to somewhat recuperate, but also discovered a jury-rigged bacta/cloning tank full of comatose experiment victims.

The group’s Jedi general, Jan Daxar, meanwhile took out the droid control processor so the remaining B1’s were disabled, and the Heroes proceeded into the facility. They overrode the controls to a blast door and stormed the command center, destroying security droids and arresting the rogue scientist who ran the facility, a Givin called Na-Vril Vandin.

Within moments the heroes felt like they were in grave danger. Some repeatedly fled, and others were unsure if the effect came through the Force, if it was because of an airborne toxin, or if one of the base’s strange internal antennas was causing it. Meanwhile the Jedi general was trying to destroy an internal antenna when the boy’s mother, Jule Spanner, tried to interfere, and Jan Daxar killed her before the boy’s eyes.

The heroes began destroying antennas. One of them executed the prisoner in case he was causing the confusing terror psychically. The boy collected a rifle and began attacking the Jedi just as Order 66 was received and the Republic forces turned on the Jedi, while his pet revealed its sentient nature in wielding a lightsaber trying to save the Jedi before being carried off by the boy.

Jan Daxar was killed by the heroes and the boy. His padawan was captured by the heroes, and the boy was told he should go with the party, but try not to do things for the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, the heroes wondered why Order 66 had been relayed through this Separatist encryption facility in the first place. While Skye discretely downloaded what files she could, Willard contacted Command. Command told the team to remain where they were until someone came for them, but Willard suspected Command really intended to kill them all to cover up the secret of the facility on Jotun.

The heroes took the boy, the captive Jedi padawan, and the indentured workers to their ship – and fled Jotun just as they saw a Republic cruiser appear and bombard the outpost they were thought to be in.

One of the indentured workers turned out to be an operative of the Bothan SpyNet. He provided the heroes with a safe-house to operate from in exchange for an unnamed favor that he would claim later ..

Advent of Empire: Chapter One



A long time ago,
In a galaxy far, far away ..
At the height of the Clone Wars, the Jedi Council has ordered a secret mission to infiltrate and capture the Separatist relay outpost on the frigid planet Jotun. The team hardly suspects how much everything will change as they man weapon pods and their assault gunship breaks through the cloud
cover directly into vulture droid interceptors and oncoming enemy fire!


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