Nemoidian Flash-pike

a composite weapon used by the elite Nemoidian Gunnery Batallion

weapon (ranged)

Nemoidian Flash-pike

Cost: 1000
Weight: 5.2 kg
Feat: Vibro Weapons and/or Slugthrowers
Damage: 2d8 (melee or slug)
Critical: 19-20 (no critical if used to stun)
Mode: single shot
Reach: 2m
Stun DC: 15 (melee only)
Ammunition: slugs, 20 (reguired an action to chamber the next round before a shot)
Range Increment: 40m

This long sniping slugthrower is also an efficient force pike. It features stylized grips designed to accommodate a variety of holds and swings, and can be used to stave off attackers either as a lethal vibro-pike or a stun staff (either use, employing the Vibro Weapons Feat). When fired as a rifle, the pike tips zoom apart like the mechanized mandibles of a beetle.

The weapons come with a kit to personally manufacture bullets if the user desires, since slugthrowers are rare in many parts of the Galaxy.

Cortosis Ammunition: The Nemoidian Gunnery Batallion were sometimes equipped with cortosis ammunition, which lightsabers could not deflect. If a Jedi did attempt to deflect it, though, and would have succeeded if not for the bullet’s special qualities, there would be a 20% chance of shorting out the lightsaber requiring a move action to reset the weapon. Cortosis rounds are rare and expensive, and refining cortosis oneself, hazardous at best.


The Nemoidian Gunnery Batallion were usually strong young adults who had failed to amass wealth or influence. Offered the chance to do so, they accepted positions in the Batallion. Members wore distinctive bronze colored armor, received elite military training, and were employed as riflemen and sentries.

In the Clone Wars, they were used as guards, commandos and escorts for dignitaries who either did not trust droids, or who were too important to trust to the care of droids who were subject to reprogramming or deactivation if a control hub was compromised. Though it did not save them from, say, the onslaught of Darth Vader on Mustafar, the elite were sometimes provided with cortosis ammunition to use against Jedi targets.

Nemoidian Flash-pike

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