Skye Tavdres

Sky Tavdres was a young aerospace engineer assigned on a fateful mission to Jotun.


Skye often wears a flight suit, and carries technical gear with her to facilitate her missions. She carries herself with the confidence of an experienced military officer, but when she has time to think, her eyes reveal a weariness shared by many living in the Dark Times.


Skye Tavdres was a tech specialist assigned to a doomed GAR mission against a Separatist listening post in the final days of the Clone Wars. She uncovered the evidence that the newly proclaimed Emperor had been coordinating the efforts of his own enemies in the final months of the Clone Wars, but not before the clone troopers in their team killed their Jedi General, Jandaxar. Along with the other survivors of the mission, who escaped Imperial bombardment, Skye went on to oppose the Empire after rescuing her brother from slavery. Along with her team, she had joined Kota’s Militia by 18BBY.

Skye Tavdres

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