Rahm Mann

baritone Gotal veteran of the Jedi-loyal Antarian Rangers, now paramilitary rebel against the Empire


Solidly built, this glowering Gotal in earth-toned paramilitary drab appears to be about to head butt someone. In reality, he is simply using his sensitive horns to get a sixth sense about his surroundings. As his posture implies, though, the Gotal scout is equally able to defend or attack, if need be . .


A fugitive Antarian Ranger, this Gotal veteran is equally skilled at keeping peace as he is at making war. Found in the company of a cell of awol Alpha-ARC troopers who once belonged to Kota’s Militia, Mann and allies narrowly defeated an Imperial strike squad before scuttling their forest base and bugging out in 14BBY. in exchange for leaving captive Dayne Solaar alive to return to the 501st, Mann asked only that the Mandalorian conscript not reveal his allies to Darth Vader ..

Rahm Mann

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