Alpha-ARC-73 "Hank"

"73" is one of two Alpha-series clones on a mission to Jotun when they received Order 66.


Hank almost always wears customized ARC Trooper armor. His face looks like any of the clones of Mandalorian Jango Fett, though few who realize who they were looking at would later have the chance to describe him. Hank had the physical appearance of a man in his mid-20’s in 19BBY, just after the advent of the Empire.


ARC-73, nicknamed “Hank”, was part of a doomed mission to capture a Separatist relay station in the final days of the Clone Wars. Along with other Alpha clones, he killed Jedi Knight General Jandaxar when the execution of Order 66 was announced. However, he and his team then went awol after recovering clandestine data from the installation’s computers that indicated the newly-declared Emperor had been corresponding with and maybe even coordinating Separatist strikes against his own armies. Along with Skye Tavdres and others, Hank had joined Kota’s Militia by 18BBY . .

Alpha-ARC-73 "Hank"

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