Advent of Empire

Chapter One Recap


Willard Paul, GAR Flight Officer
Skye Tavdres, GAR Aerospace Engineer
Kellin Soarr, Jedi Padawan to Jan Daxar
Alpha-ARC-73 aka “Hank”
“Wild”, the Kid


Aboard their F-DAT gunship, the heroes defeated a wing of vulture droids as they descended from the blue-green cloud cover over the snow planet Jotun.

They made their way from the landing zone to the Separatist Relay Outpost, which they were ordered to infiltrate and hack into.

On the outskirts they discovered a boy who called himself “Wild”, and had a rabbit-like pet called Mr. Cuddles. The boy apparently belonged to a woman who worked at the facility, and he led the heroes to a dead-end outcropping where he wanted to play with them.

The heroes climbed up from the ledge, where they got into a fire fight with B1 battle droids. Defeating the droids, the heroes took cover within an outlying storage building. There they used stored medical supplies to somewhat recuperate, but also discovered a jury-rigged bacta/cloning tank full of comatose experiment victims.

The group’s Jedi general, Jan Daxar, meanwhile took out the droid control processor so the remaining B1’s were disabled, and the Heroes proceeded into the facility. They overrode the controls to a blast door and stormed the command center, destroying security droids and arresting the rogue scientist who ran the facility, a Givin called Na-Vril Vandin.

Within moments the heroes felt like they were in grave danger. Some repeatedly fled, and others were unsure if the effect came through the Force, if it was because of an airborne toxin, or if one of the base’s strange internal antennas was causing it. Meanwhile the Jedi general was trying to destroy an internal antenna when the boy’s mother, Jule Spanner, tried to interfere, and Jan Daxar killed her before the boy’s eyes.

The heroes began destroying antennas. One of them executed the prisoner in case he was causing the confusing terror psychically. The boy collected a rifle and began attacking the Jedi just as Order 66 was received and the Republic forces turned on the Jedi, while his pet revealed its sentient nature in wielding a lightsaber trying to save the Jedi before being carried off by the boy.

Jan Daxar was killed by the heroes and the boy. His padawan was captured by the heroes, and the boy was told he should go with the party, but try not to do things for the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, the heroes wondered why Order 66 had been relayed through this Separatist encryption facility in the first place. While Skye discretely downloaded what files she could, Willard contacted Command. Command told the team to remain where they were until someone came for them, but Willard suspected Command really intended to kill them all to cover up the secret of the facility on Jotun.

The heroes took the boy, the captive Jedi padawan, and the indentured workers to their ship – and fled Jotun just as they saw a Republic cruiser appear and bombard the outpost they were thought to be in.

One of the indentured workers turned out to be an operative of the Bothan SpyNet. He provided the heroes with a safe-house to operate from in exchange for an unnamed favor that he would claim later ..



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