Vibro Saber

katana-like vibro sword

weapon (melee)

Vibro Saber

Cost: 1000
Feat: Vibro Weapons
Damage: 2d8
Critical: 19-20
Type: Slash
Size: Medium
Weight: 1.8 kg

Vibro Sabers are impressive melee weapons. They are generally around 70 cm long, curved to various degrees. Their handles are generally long enough to accommodate two hands if the wielder so desires. Their reinforced, curved blade combined with the advanced vibro feature of the weapon not only inflict superior damage, but also have a greater capacity to inflict mortal wounds.


Vibro sabers are expensive swords that are also favored by elite duelists and special sword schools. Anyone wielding one is expected to be very good at it. The weapon is a desired part of many collections.

Ottethan swordsmiths still manufacture a variety of the weapon which is treated with a cortosis weave, obviously designed to contend with lightsabers that otherwise cut through anything with ease. These Ottethan Vibro Sabers are very rare, increasingly so since there is less and less need for them. Their collectibility is quite high in the early years of the Empire, when it was fashionable to display anything that demonstrated part-line zeal for the Empire’s then-recent Purge of the Jedi Order.

Vibro Saber

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