MilTac Comm Gauntlet


Mil-Tac Comm Gauntlet
Cost: 6000
Weight: 4

Used by various officers and professionals of the Republic during the Clone Wars, this communications set featured several advanced devices micronized into one relatively stylish (and expensive) accessory. Contained within the flip-open I/O interface, which was worn on the off-hand forearm, MilTac contained a military-grade comlink, tactical datapad which collected and updated real-time information on everyone within a given operations unit, military-grade transponder and signal locator, holo-recorder and projector for comprehensive virtual interactions between officers, and integrated recording rods to capture the battle in progress for later review and analysis. Its expense made it unpopular among more fiscally conservative civilian and military officers, and many commanders eventually discarded the device because of its tendency to be damaged on the battlefield – or captured and decrypted by enemy forces.


MilTac Comm Gauntlet

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