MandoCo "Clash" Mercenary Armor

Mandalorian mercenary armor for hand to hand fighters


MandoCo “Clash” Mercenary Armor

Cost: 8,000 (13,000 with cortosis weave)
Weight: 9 kg
Type: Power
Damage Reduction: 4
Max Dexterity Bonus: +3
Armor Check Penalty: 2

Based upon an ancient design dating back to the Sith Wars, this modern power armor is designed for mercenaries who wield melee weapons. Its specially designed helmet staves off blows to the neck and head, and careful attention has been paid to allowing for maximum maneuverability in a fight.

Those with Powered Armor proficiency enjoy the following benefits:

Sensor-Visor: Low-light and Dark-vision allows the wearer to battle in even total darkness. The sensors also provide a +2 equipment bonus to Listen and Spot checks.
DuelGrip: Reaction sensors, microservos and adaptive grip surfaces reduce opponents’ attempts to disarm the wearer by -5 and grant him a +5 bonus against it.
Integrated StimStint System: The character gains a +4 bonus against energy based Stun effects as sensor-adjusted micropulses counteract the threatening energy effect. Additionally, if the wearer succumbs to a chemical or other cause of unconsciousness or stun, the suit’s microinjectors compensate to instantly restore him to normal alertness (for 4 turns, after which he must make a Fortitude Save DC 13 or fall unconscious for 1d4 rounds).
Servo-sist Power Strike: Once per fourth turn, the kinetically-charged microservos in the suit add power to boost his attack bonus and damage wielding a melee weapon by +2 each for one attack, as well as increasing the natural critical range (of the actual die roll) of that strike by 1 because of the speed and power of the attack.

Optional Cortosis Weave: Cortosis weave takes away a lightsaber’s ability to ignore the damage reduction against the armor it is specially layered onto. Also, there is a 20% chance that a successful strike by a lightsaber against the armor does not inflict damage at all, instead shorting out the lightsaber and requiring a move action on the Jedi’s part to reactivate it.


Similar designs were worn by ancient Mandalorians who formed entire armies to battle both Jedi and Sith. The modern power version of the armor was created by Boma Boda, an elite armor designer whose pre-adolescent daughter was taken by the Jedi against his will (to be raised in the Jedi Temple and become a Jedi herself). The vendetta became a clan-wide grudge, various cousins and descendants becoming specialized Jedi-fighters and donning the armor in their family-honored profession.

In the Clone Wars, some Mandalorian mercenaries were hired by Separatist commanders specifically to neutralize Jedi opponents, whose lightsabers made them highly dangerous and required special care to defeat. Most died, bur one young merc – the great-grandson of the armor’s creator – survived, hiring himself out to confront the scant survivors of the Jedi Purge any time they might be found by someone who could afford to pay his fee for fighting them.

MandoCo "Clash" Mercenary Armor

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