EMP Grenade


EMP Grenade
Cost: 1000 (unavailable for sale)
Damage: Special
Critical: n/a
Range Increment: 4m(4m)
Type: Energy
Size: Tiny
Weight: .5 kg
Group: Simple
There is no Reflex save to avoid an EMP grenade. If caught in the 4-meter blast radius when the weapon detonates, any electronic device is disabled for one hour while the disruptive residual radiation of the burst degrades. Droids make a Fort save DC 15 for a direct hit, or 12 for the surrounding blast radius, or be deactivated for one hour.


Electromagnetic Pulse Grenades are formidable electronics-busting thrown weapons used primarily by Advanced Recon Commandos during the Clone Wars, when anti-droid ordinance was necessary despite the high cost of making such weapons (and potential collateral hazards of accidentally disabling friendly electronic systems, including clone troopers’ armor sensors).

EMP Grenade

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