Clone Trooper ARC Armor


Republic Clone Trooper Armor Phase II/ ARC (Advanced Recon Commando)
Cost: 11,000 (not available for sale)
Type: Medium, Powered
Damage Reduction: 5
Max Dex Bonus: 3
Armor Check Penalty: -2
Speed: Reduced by 2m
Weight: 16
Provides the following benefits to those proficient in Powered Armor:
• Sensors provide +3 bonus to Listen and Spot
• Environmental Systems provide +3 bonus to Fortitide saves against environmental extremes and airborne toxins
• Special mobility features and rigging reduces the Armor Check Penalty for Climb to zero.
• Integrated Military Grade [Encrypted] Vocal Comlink provides hands-free communications
• Flip-down Scomp Link provides +2 bonus to called shots with linked weapons while stationary.
• Wrist-mounted Tactical Datapad and Military-grade Holoprojector/Recorder Comlink


ARC Troopers were supposed to be as close as someone could get to being a Jedi-like fighter without actually being one. To carry out the kinds of missions they were designed for, they needed more advanced armor that was still recognizable as that of a clone trooper. Originally, the only ones to wear the ARC armor were the Alpha-series clones, but other clones were later trained to emulate them as well as possible, then also called ARC troopers and allowed to don the armor for special missions.

Clone Trooper ARC Armor

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