Inquisitor Tremayne

former Jedi of Kota's Militia, now turned to the Dark Side and become a cyborged Imperial Inquisitor


In 14BBY, Tremayne has a tan tint to his skin, is about thirty years old, and wears his long black hair down. Once, his hazel eyes reflected keen intelligence, but now his one visible eye seems to have a predatory fire burning behind its gaze, and his left eye is a droid-like cybernetic implant. His robes are red and black, and he wears a black textured chestpiece. A lightsaber hangs from its harness at his left hip. He speaks with calm, determined pace and expects to be addressed respectfully if anyone expects a positive response from him.

In 19BBY, he was second in command of Kota’s Militia. He even had a Jedi padawan of his own as they made their way for Wild Space to avoid Imperial Jedi hunters after the execution of Order 66. Some time after this, he was turned to the Dark Side by Darth Vader, who helped him become an Imperial Inquisitor after nearly dying of lightsaber wounds following a confrontation with a former friend, now hunted Jedi, Corwin Shelvaye.


Tremayne was a Jedi padawan at the time of Order 66. He survived the execution of the order with the help of several clones who were already surprisingly loyal to him, and joined up with Rahm Kota – who he was already in contact with. Kota completed Tremayne’s training and upon constructing his lightsaber, he is considered a Jedi knight (presumably, Rahm Kota dubbed him one).

Obviously a learned, persuasive man who knows how to read and manipulate the intentions of others. Not much gets past him, and what does, he discovers during careful (and often somewhat unethical) interrogations. Though he believes in the Jedi Code, Tremayne understands that sometimes, a Jedi must be free to simply use his power to eliminate a threat. It is the ultimate intention that matters, he argues, and that is why the fanatical Jedi Council and all their followers died horrible deaths that ultimately served no greater purpose. He and his men are not afraid to take action, so they do not fear waiting for meaningless death.

As for his men, Tremayne uses the Force to impress them. He can enhance their effectiveness in combat just be being present, use the Force with shockingly forceful results despite his otherwise cool demeanor, and often, can save wounded men from wounds no mere physician could heal. Forthright and unapologetic, Tremayne is the second in command of Kota’s Militia, and is willing to train worthy apprentices in the powerful applications of the Force.

Inquisitor Tremayne

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