Na-Vril Vandin - DECEASED

DECEASED. Vandin was a diabolical Givin scientist who invented the Veril Transceiver and was in charge of the Separatist Relay Outpost on Jotun.


Vandin was a Givin scientist whose face resembled a human skull, when seen from a distance. He wore mismatched clothes and had various gadgets attached in places, such as the controls to his death traps.


Doctor Vandin controlled the Separatist Communications Relay Outpost on Jotun. He employed Jule Spanner, a caring but paranoid mother who lent the evil scientist her expertise in exchange for a place to hide herself and her son where she believed no one could ever find them. Vandin’s willingness to pervert the laws of nature and the Force itself doomed his research – and everyone around him.

He was killed by a young Republic lieutenant who figured out the scientist was using Dark Side technology against his team. Many rogue – and even sadistic experiments were being carried out by Vandin leading up to his death.

Na-Vril Vandin - DECEASED

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