Madra Mahana

matriarch of the "publicly mysterious" Cult of Those Who Redeem


Madra is a Meris woman of early middle age. She has dark blue skin, a soft but noble expression of calm, and wears the orange and black robes that distinguish her as an admitted member of the Cult.


Madra Mahana is the abbess of the Temple of Redemption in the capital city of Meris. She has devoted her life to learning, healing and peace. On her world, she is among the highest authorities on agriculture, holistic healing, and self-defense – and is also one of its most recognized philanthropists.

Her “Order”, a branch of the legendary Cult of Those Who Redeem which has made itself highly visible, provides medical care, counseling, and child care for those in need. They also instruct those who wish to learn in the advanced form of defensive martial arts their order has used for generations to fend off occasional attacks by otherwise unbeatable Loag assassins.

Madra offered Kellin Soarr a place among the Cult, so he could live in peace and privately contemplate the Force. Soarr refused, choosing to fight the darkness instead.

Madra Mahana

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