Korav Boda - DECEASED

veteran Mandalorian Jedi-fighter


DECEASED – Korav wears distinctive, custom power dueling armor and carries a lethal vibro saber. He’s known to have slain at least two padawans during the Clone Wars when mercenaries specializing in battling Jedi were in high demand.


Ever since his great-grandfather’s daughter was stolen as a child by the Jedi Order, members of the Boda line have donned distinctive armor to duel Jedi where they could find them. Korav himself, though very young, killed two padawans in the Clone Wars. Now that they’re over, he works for hire on security details where any of the few hundred surviving Jedi might show up, eager to take down a real Jedi Knight before they’re all extinct. Korav believes the Jedi were a corrupt cult of theocratic kidnappers.

Korav was either overconfident or too hesitant, or both. As soon as he appeared in battle in the Spice Mines of Kessel in 19 BBY, he was caught in the blast of a high-explosive rocket shot toward him by “Hank”. Though he still had the potential to kill, he hoped to take out the ARC outlaw first, then the Jedi. But he was caught off guard by the arrival of another Jedi padawan, and forced to flee.

Taking the spice smuggler Cole with him promising an escape route, Korav then decided to leave him in the dark at the mercy of the spice spiders. Unable to get past him and escape otherwise, Cole shot him in the back, killing him – and returned to help his other allies defeat the forces working for Boss Odd.

Korav Boda - DECEASED

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