Jarren Blake

youthful pack-tracker who's rapidly learning the secrets of the Fringe, but appears to have honor despite being a thief


Jarren has a good-natured expression, bright eyes and an honest, hard working manner about him. He usually wears simple fringer clothing, and carries all his belongings in a backpack so he can move from spaceport to spaceport instead of being forced to live in some institution or indentured servitude like other orphans.


Helpful as long as he’s treated well or being paid (or both), Jarren has a positive outlook no matter what happens to him, despite being a bit on the shady side himself. He tends to steal food to survive and likes to peer into things that aren’t really his business. He’s also eager to move on from time to time, though – and doesn’t mind putting in some valid hard work to make it to the next port of call, where he might eagerly hire himself out to carry some traveler’s bags or share information.

Jarren was the pack-tracker who helped Skye’s Meris courier learn the whereabouts of her little brother in 18BBY.

Jarren Blake

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