Wookie first mate of Auntie Annie


Gridean is tall and gentle, content to lounge or relax for long hours. When he moves, he does it with such haste and power that his long brown fur shakes in all directions. He wears a bandolier and a bag in which he carries various things, and he wears a slaver cuff that marks him as property. His gentle eyes show either humor or humility, depending on whose company he finds himself in. Only in times of danger do his eyes widen wildly in an almost feral expression ..


Gridean is lonely and regretful, looking back on some terrible time in his life and hoping it never catches up with him. He is content to work hard and enjoy what simple pleasures he can as part of Auntie Annie’s crew, and he is very protective. Even though he wears a slave collar, in all likelihood it is a life debt that keeps him with Annie.

Gridean likes to play games and lounge around doing spice. He has little to look forward to in life, and dislikes violence. He tries to calm everyone down, but if he can’t, there are going to be a couple less attached limbs by the end of the fight.


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