Dan Tavdres

the younger brother of Skye, a frail, sickly teenager in 19 BBY.


Danyyel “Dan” Tavdres was a 15-year-old boy in 19 BBY, when he suffered from a degenerative cardio-vascular condition that required regular radio-genic treatments to suspend. He was almost dead when his sister and her allies found him on Kessel.


Danyyel Tavdres was a 15-year-old boy in 19 BBY, when he became an indentured spice miner after the Empire banished him to Kessel under the belief that his sister was dead. Before that time, medical treatments afforded by Skye’s employment in the new Grand Army of the Republic had brought his condition to near-remission. Skye and her allies discovered Dan in the Spice Mines of Kessel, and attacked the base from within, heroically standing off against superior force to save her brother. They succeeded, though were captured by Kota’s Militia. Dan received treatment for his condition aboard Kota’s well stocked Venetor-class Star Destroyer, and his condition became manageable again.

Dan remained aboard the Star Destroyer, along with Skye, when the Militia left to hide among the stars. Along with the other Kessel slaves, he began basic paramilitary training, worked and studied aboard the ship where they came to live for years, and came to idolize the Jedi – especially the two padawans who risked their lives to save him and his friends on Kessel. But his real hero was his sister, whose technical interests he shared. Dan trained to be a medic, hoping to one day become a doctor.

Dan Tavdres

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