Cole Granock

An agile young Bothan in dark clothing


Cole is of average build and moves with dancer-like grace when he wants to. He’s a fairly handsome young Bothan wearing dark reds and black. One minute you see him, the next you don’t, then he sees you again and …


Cole was a petty thief employed by Auntie Annie in 19 BBY. He practiced honor among .. professionals, and Annie trusted Cole enough to send him with her business partners to keep an eye on them during the infiltration of the Spice Mines of Kessel. After a fierce battle, Cole was trying to get away with the spice Annie expected. Korav Boda planned to leave him in the dark at the mercy of spice spiders, so Cole shot the wounded Mandalorian in the back and left the dark tunnels to assist the team with the battle they were embroiled in against the Nemoidian Gunnery Batallion and security droids serving Boss Odd. The team managed to defeat the forces occupying the base, and Cole got the glitterstim he wanted before Kota’s Militia showed up to secure the remaining levels of the base and capture the heroes – later indicting them into their ranks.

Cole Granock

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