Boss Odd

a Nemoidian whose exploitive enterprise after the Clone Wars was enslaving children and aliens in spice mines


Boss Odd wore robes characteristic of the period he served as a security officer in the Trade Federation ranks, including a large officer’s hat.


Boss Odd first appeared in charge of an early spice mining operation on Kessel. Having taken control of disparate members of the defeated Nemoidian Gunnery Batallion, Odd sought to work hand in hand with the new Empire. He received orphans and alien convicts from the Core Worlds who were indentured legally to work for him for a number of years. He worked some of them to death. When his enterprise was attacked from within by a small force of commandos and Jedi padawans, reluctantly, Odd took some glitterstim with him and escaped on a small patrol shuttle. Needless to say, this gave the Empire all the excuse they needed to take over the operation – what was left of it. Odd’s whereabouts are unknown ..

Boss Odd

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