Auntie Annie

a middle aged tramp captain


Auntie Annie is a middle aged woman with an athletic physique. She never fails to make eye contact, daring anyone to challenge her. Just when someone might pause to wonder if she is just as downtrodden as them, Annie opens her mouth and proves how bitchy she really is, and her air is “ugly” at best. As long as no one contradicts her, she approaches everything with an element of cocky humor. She wears her thick, long grey hair in a bun or pony tail, depending on how she feels that day. Her attire is simple, comfortable (and somewhat worn). She has a vest on. There are bloodstripes down the leg of her pants and she likes to remind people that Corellians are always looking for the next excuse to add some more stripes. Annie always carries a blaster pistol on her hip.


Annie is hard to get to know. She’s very intelligent and usually angry about something, quick to curse out or corporally punish a crewmate. That said, she’s an honorable employer who lets her people be themselves as long as they show her and her rust bucket ship due respect. Why she would risk her reputation to help Vilfley’l Feth’s contacts is anyone’s bet. Chances are, she has a grudge against someone in the mining outpost in question. But she says, she’s thinking about a different line of business anyway. Auntie Annie never fails to remind someone how dangerous it is to cross a Corellian!

Auntie Annie was a actually Jedi master known only as the Dark Woman, a spy for the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. She has created her underworld identity as smuggler “Auntie Annie” in order to follow the will of the Force, portents of which have led her to this time and place. Even her padawan, Chentz, had been hypnotized to think she was a different person. After he helped a group of heroes – including another Jedi padawan – save orphans from Kessel, the Dark Woman decided to leave her Chentz behind in 19 BBY, telling him the Force had led him to the company of General Kota. She retreated to a secret meditation planet where she could meditate on the Force in peace until Darth Vader would come to kill her years later.

Auntie Annie

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