Jule Spanner - DECEASED

DECEASED. Jule was the indentured engineer working at the outpost on Jotun when she was slain by a Jedi for her son to see.


A plain faced but handsome woman, Jule Spanner often seemed stoic to hide her deep sadness, unless she was in private with her son – then she let whatever light she had left in herself shine through her loving eyes. She wore an engineer’s coverall and usually carried various tools along with a datapad.


Graduate of one of the better universities in the Republic, Jule had a bright future. She gained employment with the Trade Federation, and seemed to be prospering despite the antagonism of jealous Nemoidian competitors. But a romantic affair left her pregnant, and for some reason, she simply left her job and everything behind.

Moving from place to place, Jule finally became employed by the seemingly legitimate Doctor Vandin, a Givin researcher of some renown in several fields. After Vandin confided in Jule the existence of his secret program, she agreed to join it on contract until her son would come of age, and went along with her newborn to the secret facility on Jotun.

Little had she suspected how diabolical her employer was. She remained on Jotun, doing her work in a detached manner and taking what scant free time she had to inspire her little son with tales of adventure, so when he came of age, he could find his own way. She hoped he could be a good person despite the horrors he was being raised amidst, and purposely created a fantasy understanding that might blind her son to the darkness she knew would grow.

The Clone Wars saw her employer serve the Separatists, and eventually a team of Republic specialists came to infiltrate the facility and end the Doctor’s treacherous work. Jule only hoped she and her son could survive and escape from the place.

Instead she was slain by a Jedi knight who was in the throes of madness inflicted by one of the Doctor’s mind control devices. Her son, who sprang upon the Jedi to strike the final blow against him, was carried off world along with the now-renegade soldiers.

Jule Spanner - DECEASED

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