• Alpha-ARC-47


    "47" is one of two Alpha-series clones on a mission to Jotun when they received Order 66.
  • Alpha-ARC-73 "Hank"

    Alpha-ARC-73 "Hank"

    "73" is one of two Alpha-series clones on a mission to Jotun when they received Order 66.
  • Chentz


    a refugee ship hand aboard a smuggler's tramp freighter
  • Cole Granock

    Cole Granock

    An agile young Bothan in dark clothing
  • Skye Tavdres

    Skye Tavdres

    Sky Tavdres was a young aerospace engineer assigned on a fateful mission to Jotun.
  • Wild, the Kid

    Wild, the Kid

    "Wild" is a child scout caught up in the anguish of the Clone War's climax.
  • Willard Paul

    Willard Paul

    Willard was a young lieutenant whose faith in the New Order was in doubt after a fateful mission to Jotun.
  • Auntie Annie

    Auntie Annie

    a middle aged tramp captain
  • Boss Odd

    Boss Odd

    a Nemoidian whose exploitive enterprise after the Clone Wars was enslaving children and aliens in spice mines
  • Commander Frank

    Commander Frank

    clone trooper commander
  • Dan Tavdres

    Dan Tavdres

    the younger brother of Skye, a frail, sickly teenager in 19 BBY.
  • Gridean


    Wookie first mate of Auntie Annie
  • Inquisitor Tremayne

    Inquisitor Tremayne

    former Jedi of Kota's Militia, now turned to the Dark Side and become a cyborged Imperial Inquisitor
  • Jan Daxar - DECEASED

    Jan Daxar - DECEASED

    DECEASED. This young Jedi Knight was assigned to lead fateful secret mission to Jotun in the final days of the Clone Wars.
  • Jarren Blake

    Jarren Blake

    youthful pack-tracker who's rapidly learning the secrets of the Fringe, but appears to have honor despite being a thief
  • Jule Spanner - DECEASED

    Jule Spanner - DECEASED

    DECEASED. Jule was the indentured engineer working at the outpost on Jotun when she was slain by a Jedi for her son to see.
  • Kellin Soarr

    Kellin Soarr

    A gifted young Jedi seer, Kellin saw his master executed by their own teammates on a mission to Jotun.
  • Korav Boda - DECEASED

    Korav Boda - DECEASED

    veteran Mandalorian Jedi-fighter
  • Madra Mahana

    Madra Mahana

    matriarch of the "publicly mysterious" Cult of Those Who Redeem
  • Na-Vril Vandin - DECEASED

    Na-Vril Vandin - DECEASED

    DECEASED. Vandin was a diabolical Givin scientist who invented the Veril Transceiver and was in charge of the Separatist Relay Outpost on Jotun.
  • Rahm Mann

    Rahm Mann

    baritone Gotal veteran of the Jedi-loyal Antarian Rangers, now paramilitary rebel against the Empire
  • Vilfley'l Feth

    Vilfley'l Feth

    One of the indentured technicians at the Separatist Relay Outpost on Jotun, Feth (a Bothan) turned out to be part of the SpyNet, and helped the heroes make it to a safehouse in exchange for an unnamed favor he might claim later.