Advent of Empire


The renegade heroes have been to the Tomb of the Unknown Jedi. After defacing the ancient monument in desperate hopes of uncovering lost Force relics, they faced the wrath of the tomb’s protectors. Even the spirit of the forgotten Jedi laid to rest there rejected the efforts of the misguided KelDor padawan who sought his secrets, and the heroes barely escaped by diving into the legendary “solid water” that surrounded the tomb. ARC-47 and Willard Paul were inadvertently left behind.

Teleported against all understanding to the bread-bowl planet of Merisee, the heroes made various acquaintances and friends – including Madra Mahana (matriarch of the Cult of Those Who Redeem), Jarren (a young teenaged pack-tracker developing his own sneaky knacks for getting ahead in the world), and Old Quag (a professional game hunter who taught Wild to use primitive slugthrowers).

Skye discovered with the help of a courier-informant and a young pack-tracker con artist that her sick brother had been shipped off with many other orphans to indentured servitude in the Spice Mines of Kessel!

After a botched assassination attempt by a novice apprentice of the Loag, the heroes decided to leave Merisee as quickly as possible.

Making their way back to Alumann, the team discovered Willard gone, and ARC-47 had returned to the ranks of the now-renamed Imperial Stormtroopers. In addition, Vilfley’l Feth had sold their ship (so he claimed) because he could no longer store it.

Striking a deal with Vilfley’l and a Corellian spice smuggler, the heroes prepared for their most daring (if desperate) gambit yet – infiltration of a spice mining facility to save Skye’s brother – and hopefully all the captive children!



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