Advent of Empire

"Into the Dark"

Two of their members are gone, and our heroes’ hope diminishes. Even the recent wonders they have beheld, have done little to restore the team’s faith that somehow, good might prevail in the Galaxy. It does not stop them from trying!

Skye Tavdres has learned that her brother has been shipped to a spice mine on Kessel, where undesirable orphans from Coruscant are being forced to work as indentured laborers along with politically disagreeable aliens.

Vilfley’l Feth has introduced the disparate team of idealistic outlaws to a Corellian smuggler, Auntie Annie. Auntie is hard to work with, but Feth insists, honorable. She wants out of the smuggling business – maybe wants to move on to some other criminal enterprise. She will transport the team to the mine, whose shipments of spice she picks up regularly. In exchange for three kilos of glitterstim, she will even retrieve the heroes – and Skye’s brother – when she returns two weeks later.

It is up to the heroes to decide how to bide their time, who to save, and how to do it – but the Egghead Alien is making its way to Kessel.

The outlaw heroes all know, there is a good change of serious danger on this mission. None of them have a good feeling about it, least of all Kellin Soarr ..



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