Advent of Empire

Chapter Two Recap

In the safe house on Alumann, the heroes decided to trust each other for the time being. They shared strong doubts concerning the creation of the Empire, as well as about the dreadful “Order 66”.

When Tavdres and Paul accessed subspace to contact an old contact at the newly renamed Imperial Academy, their efforts to hide their trail tripped military-intelligence “flags” and they were cornered by clone troopers at a rail station trying to get back to the safe house.

Fortunately, they managed a brief call for help and the other heroes arrived in time to help defeat most of the clone troopers. This public firefight involved one of the heroes using a lightsaber to defend himself – something the local holonews and authorities have taken notice of.

Hank was able to reason with an old friend, a Clone Commander named Frank who took had even taken a rhyming name to honor Hank in the past. After a tense exchange, Frank ageed to let the heroes go – for now .. right before he was stunned!

The heroes escaped, but in the process of their adventure they heard about protests happening at a doomed monument – the Tomb of the Unknown Jedi! Despite their other troubles, the team is determined to check out the tomb ..



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